How to Construct Outdoor Cushions : DIY Technique and Methods

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Summer is here, which means spending more time outside soaking up the sun! However, outdoor furniture can be pricey. So why not save some money by making your own outdoor cushions? Best Carpentry Company in Dubai is presenting the whole DIY technique of making outdoor patio cushions as well as we will also tell you how to make them comfortable with weatherproof quality so be with us.

What Do Outdoor Cushions Consist Of?

Outdoor cushions are sometimes hard or soft, and weather-resistant pillows or seat pads enhance the comfort of outdoor furniture, such as benches, loveseats, outdoor sofas, sectionals, and patio chairs.

Creating outdoor seat cushions is an easy and quick DIY project that enables do-it-yourself and lets you explore all your skill levels to refresh existing patio furniture or give your outdoor area a budget-friendly facelift.

Material Required

If you want to construct your own outdoor cushions, you will need a few supplies, most of which are available at your local fabric or craft shop.

You will need the following:

  • Outdoor fabric
  • Pillow fillings
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A sewing device (or needle and thread)
  • Ribbon or edging (optional)

DIY Your Outdoor Cushions?

Here is a list of the supplies required to construct your own patio cushions:

1)Upholstery Fabric

For outdoor cushion coverings, pick a heavy-duty fabric that will withstand the outdoors year-round, such as canvas twill or similar outdoor fabric sold in fabric shops.

2)Cushion Insert or Old Cushion

If you’re building furniture cushions from scratch, you’ll need to buy a cushion insert, often a thick, layered polyester or outdoor foam, and cut it to size using a saw and fabric shears.

Using a sewing machine will help you stitch four straight, even lines for your cushion and produce a professional-quality end product; however, you may sew the cushions by hand if you do not have a sewing machine.

3)Needle and Thread

Whether or not you’re using a sewing machine, you’ll need a needle and thread to complete the backs of your chair cushions. Choose thread in a color that matches your fabric.

4)Sewing Pins

Sewing pins are important for putting the cloth in place before stitching, allowing you to create straighter lines.

Three Suggestions for Creating Outdoor Cushions

Here are a few considerations to make before beginning your DIY cushion project:

  1. If you don’t have an awning or umbrella to protect your cushions, consider a lighter or fade-resistant fabric to make sun bleaching less obvious 
  2. If your cushions are exposed to lots of rainfall, the water-resistant fabric is a good choice to prevent mildew, or you can use a waterproof spray to help seal your cushions after you sew them
  3. If you are sewing new cushion covers to put over existing cushion covers, you can just sew the replacement cushions over the tops of the old covers; you do not need to remove the covers to apply the filler
  4. If you sew zippers into your pillows, you will need a special zipper foot and the usual presser foot for your sewing machine

Tips for Making Outdoor Cushions

Here is a step-by-step guide on sewing cushions for your outdoor furniture and home decor:

  1. Before purchasing fabric or starting to sew
  2. Spread out your fabric with the right side facing up, and place your cushion insert or old cushion on top
  3. Fold the fabric over the top of the cushion to enclose it to the fabric should be the wrong side out or right side in
  4. Trim the three open sides so the fabric covers each side of the cushion with a 15-inch seam allowance, with the seams meeting in the middle of each side

Remove the Cushion Insert From the Fabric:

  1. Stitch a straight line along the two side seams. 
  2. The fabric should still be right-sides-in. 
  3. Reinsert the cushion insert into the inside-out fabric. 
  4. It should fit tightly; if not, sew fresh side seams to make the fit more snug.

Finish the Corners:

  1. With the cushion insert still inside the fabric.
  2. locate the two front corners where the fabric hangs over the corner of the cushion insert and place a pin along the cushion edge to mark the sewing line. 
  3. Remove the cushion insert and sew along the pins to create clean-looking box corners on your cushion.

Complete the Back:

  1. Finally, flip the fabric right-sides out. Insert the cushion insert and check the fit and corners 
  2. Fold the backsides over each other, tuck the exposed edge under to create a clean line
  3. Hand stitches the seam closed
  4. Since the back shouldn’t be visible during regular use, the stitching shouldn’t be precise

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3 Tips for Making Cushions for Outdoor Area

When bringing comfort and flair to your outdoor area, few things are as effective as a few well-placed cushions. But if you need help building outdoor cushions that can withstand the weather and look beautiful year after year, don’t worry! Start by choosing the right fabric. When it comes to outdoor fabrics, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

  1. First, look for fabrics labeled “outdoor” or “all-weather.” These fabrics are designed to withstand sun, rain, and everything in between, making them ideal for outdoor cushions.
  2. After you’ve chosen your fabric, it’s time to begin measuring and cutting. 
  3. For rectangular or square cushions, measure the length and breadth of your desired cushion and add a few inches for seam allowance. 
  4. For circular or kidney-shaped cushions, cut two big circles from your fabric.

How to Make Outdoor Cushions Comfortable

Make your outdoor cushions more comfortable by adding more stuffing to make them softer or by removing buttons or zippers that impede the pleasure of your chairs. 

You may install new cushions with denser and sturdier inners covered in a weather-resistant outdoor fabric that is more durable.

To enhance the comfort of your outdoor seating, make a few adjustments to your current cushions or add new ones.

1)Stretch Out the Cushions

Often, outdoor cushions bunch up in the exact spot where a person would sit. This compression makes it possible to feel the hard surface, resulting in an unpleasant sitting experience. Carefully remove your cushions, shake them, and fluff them to redistribute the stuffing evenly.

2)Control the Decorative Accents

Sometimes, outdoor cushions include buttons or zippers for aesthetic rather than practical purposes. When obliged to sit on them, they often cause pain. Remove the cover if it does not have a zipper and any buttons or decorations in the way of a seam ripper.

3)Add to the Inside Stuffing of the Cushion

The inside material of worn-out outdoor cushions tends to dissolve and thin, which many individuals prefer. You may add stuffing of the same kind as what is currently inside, or you can remove everything and replace it with a stuffing of a different type.

4)The Stitching Method for Outdoor Cushions:

Assuming you have already gathered your materials, the sewing process for outdoor cushions is relatively simple. 

  1. First, cut your fabric to the desired size and shape
  2. Sew the cushion’s sides together, leaving an opening for stuffing
  3. Stuff the cushion with a polyester filling or other stuffing, and hand-sew the opening closed
  4. When you have sewed your outdoor cushions, it is time to add the final touches
  5. You will need to add batting and backing to the cushion
  6. You will need to quilt the cushion. After the cushion has been quilted, you may add ties or buttons to attach the batting and backing

Final Words

Comfortable patio additions don’t have to break the bank. You may turn any room into a paradise by rearranging furniture and inserting blankets and pillows. Outdoor cushions might be expensive to have made to order, but no one said you couldn’t “DIY” your way to a cozy space.

Carpenter Centre provides elite carpentry services in Dubai, UAE, specializing in delivering high-quality furniture solutions and creative concepts to our esteemed clients. Our team of proficient experts is committed to bringing your envisioned furniture designs to fruition.

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