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Carpet Tiles Dubai

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Are you looking for the cheapest way to add beauty to your place? Then you must try our carpet tiles in Dubai. These squares are generally used in homes and workspaces as well. You can enhance the interior look of any commercial place with these amazing floor coverings. In addition, this carpet flooring is very suitable for your home areas like bedrooms, children’s rooms, hallways, and living rooms.

Our premium quality tiles are designed with both natural and synthetic materials. Ultimately, these are perfect for high foot traffic areas. Additionally, installing our carpet tiles increases the functionality of the floor and underfoot comfort. It is not wrong to say that this flooring provides economical, versatile, and hardwearing features at very fair rates. Moreover, these tiles are available in different colors, types, designs, and patterns.

Why are you still waiting? Replace your ordinary flooring with our Carpet Tiles Dubai now. You will see a positive difference in your interior without spending much on it. Call us or visit our store in Al Quoz to select the most suitable option for your space.

Carpet Tiles Dubai

Our Carpet Tiles Collection 2024

Carpet Tiles Dubai
Carpet Tiles Dubai
Carpet Tiles Dubai
MAXIMA 90 Granite
Carpet Tiles Dubai
MAXIMA 85 Terracotta
Carpet Tiles Dubai
MAXIMA 12 Monarch
Carpet Tiles Dubai
Light Blue Beige
Carpet Tiles Dubai
GAVINA 02 Beige
Carpet Tiles Dubai
GAVINA 01 Grey
Carpet Tiles Dubai
Cookies n Cream – 14107
Carpet Tiles Dubai
685 Violet
Carpet Tiles Dubai
665 Turquoise
Carpet Tiles Dubai
635 Yellow

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Carpet Tiles Dubai

We Are Leading Carpet Tiles Dubai Supplier

Do you plan to replace your ordinary flooring with some durable ones without investing much? Then I must try our carpet tiles in Dubai. They are very affordable and best to elevate the beauty of any space. Our store has a wide variety of carpet floor tiles. So you can choose the one that will complement and enhance its beauty.

We are a one-stop shop because our tiles are suitable for every type of interior. Use shocking colors of carpet squares for the traditional interior. As the leading carpet company in Dubai, we offer durable carpet tiles that last longer due to the finest build quality. Don’t wait further; choose them to boost the comfort, coziness, and functionality of your spaces now.

Benefits of Installing Our Carpet Tiles In Dubai

The carpet squares are not only an alternative to carpet rolls. There are a lot more benefits to this floor covering. Let’s check them out:

Variety of Style: Our flooring does not offer limited style. We offer Carpet Tiles Dubai in different styles, colors, patterns, designs, and materials. This feature makes it a more suitable option for every place.

Very Durable: These tiles are designed using very fine-quality materials. Ultimately, they can withstand high-traffic areas. You can use it in living rooms and busy commercial spaces as well.

Easy To Install: Our carpet floor tiles are easier to install than any other floor coverings. It will take hardly an hour to install it in the room. Additionally, they are very easy to remove when needed.

Easy Maintenance: Another plus point of our premium quality carpet tiles in Dubai is that they do not require much maintenance. For its cleaning, use a broom or vacuum daily..

Carpet Tiles Dubai

Our Latest Collection of Carpet Tiles In 2024

Make Your Interior Unique With Our Customized Carpet Tiles

Couldn’t find your desired design in our premade customized carpet tiles collection in Dubai? So there is no need to worry about it. We offer customization services of these soft tiles. Ultimately, you can choose your desired material, color, pattern, and thickness. Our team provides customization in these materials: polyester, nylon, wool, polypropylene, woven, and cotton.

You must provide details about your desired designs, color, pattern, and thickness for customization. We also ensure that our customers get what they want for your interior. During customisation, our consultant will visit your place first and get an idea about the interior. After that, they will provide the most suitable option for the perfect contrast to enhance its beauty.

Why are you compromising your space’s beauty with boring floors? Update it with our custom carpet tiles in Dubai to see the magic. Call us and place an order for your dream floor coverings.

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Carpet Tiles Dubai

Need Help with the Installation of Carpet Tiles in Dubai?

We are not like an ordinary carpet tiles company in Dubai. Our company is known for many professional services regarding carpets in UAE. You might be looking for a perfect carpet tile installation in Dubai for the installation of these carpet squares, then you must rely on us.

Our skilled and professional team can easily install carpet squares in any place, whether bedroom, living room, hallway, office, or more. The good thing about our carpet installation services is we prefer padding to provide extra underfoot comfort. So hire our team for the flawless installation of carpet tiles in Dubai at very reasonable service charges.

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Carpet Tiles In Dubai

Why Choose Us For Carpet Tiles?

We are a well-known brand for providing carpet squares all over the UAE to increase the coziness of your interior. Our company guarantees improved comfort and attractiveness of places where they have installed. Moreover, our experienced consultants are available round the clock to provide exceptional free consultation sessions to our customers.

Ultimately, they can select the one that suits their budget and complements the space. To our clients’ satisfaction, we provide free samples at their doorsteps before they make any choices. Additionally, our team will take free measurement services to get the perfect-sized carpet square. Choose us to buy the best floor coverings for your interior look.


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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet tiles are one of the most useful flooring treatments and what makes them really worthwhile is their durability, as they can easily last up to 8 years at least. Moreover, they are really convenient to deal with, regarding carrying and storage, something which isn’t really possible with regular carpets.

Our quality Carpet Tiles generally come in the size dimensions of 48-by-48, 50-by-50, 60-by-60, and 96-by-96. These tiles are available within multiple shape formats, other than the square or rectangular ones, such as hexagonal profiles or triangle-shaped ones.

Investing in our quality carpet tiles is a way better idea than going for any of the high-end flooring treatments. Besides, the material waste experienced with them is only up to 1 to 3% only. With lesser waste comes reduced expenditures and one can also save money on transportation and installation.

Our premium carpet tiles come with integrated underlayments, which is to say that there is no need to get any additional padding for them. However, if you’re going to have their installation in some excessively noisy spaces or those with higher foot traffic, then you can consider getting an acoustic underlay for these tiles.

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Notes From Our Happy Clients

Louis Foster

I noticed one thing: You don’t have to take stress when you work with this company. They offer hassle-free carpet tile installation services at very fair rates. Also, their staff is very professional.

Gregory May

I am so happy with the new floor look of my office, which is upgraded with their carpet tiles. They took all the responsibility of design selection and installation. Just Amazing!

Kerry Simon

This company provides top-quality carpet tiles in Dubai. They have an extensive stock which is full of the latest designs. My online shopping experience with this company was very satisfactory.