Heavy Duty Coir Mats In Dubai

We bring to our customers the most durable coir mats in Dubai – ideal for the high foot traffic areas.


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Coir Mats Dubai

Coir Mats Dubai – A Perfect Indoor & Outdoor Flooring Solution

Carpenter Centre welcomes you to choose from an extensive collection of coir mats online in Dubai. We have coir floor mats for every setting; be it indoors or outdoors. With a wide array of designs, patterns, and textures to choose from, you get the right fit for any floor space.

These mats are ideal for indoor & outdoor commercial and residential needs like patios, hallways, entryways, and landscape pathways. Buy the best coir floor coverings at affordable prices for a long-lasting performance. Upgrade your floor aesthetics with all-weather-resistant coir mats.

Coir Mats Dubai

Our Coir Mats Collection 2024


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Coir Mats Dubai
Coir Mats Dubai

Custom Coir Mats In Dubai For A Long Term Property Investment

Looking to add value to your property? Well, we recommend you invest in our luxury custom coir mats in Dubai. Get a matting solution tailor-made to your specifications. Choose from our wide range of material options like natural coir fibers or other eco-friendly blends. Get imaginative for appearance with our limitless design options or have personalized logos or brand patterns engraved on these coir floor mats.

We offer a quality manufacturing process for custom coir mats – ensuring longevity in use for high foot traffic. These mats will be a long-term investment in your property’s resale value. Get the blend of aesthetics, functionality, and added value – all with one flooring solution.

Our Quality Coir Floor Mats Offer Excellent Features

We welcome you to try our coir floor mats in Dubai featuring top-notch quality and a durable build. Get the first-hand experience of superior performance with our meticulously designed coir mats – enhancing the interior aesthetics.

  • Durable Build: With cutting-edge weaving techniques and powerful backing material, our coir mats withstand high foot traffic for years to come.
  • Anti-Slip Surface: We have built-in strong grip backing in our mats to prevent any sliding or shifting for a safer and more stable walking surface.
  • Color Fade Resistance: With UV-resistant materials in crafting, these mats retain their vibrant color hues for years even under prolonged sunlight exposure.
  • Affordability: We are premium sellers of quality coir mats in Dubai at cost-effective prices – making them an accessible yet luxurious flooring solution.
Coir Mats Dubai

Our Coir Mats Design


Coir Mats

Buy From Our Varying Types Of Coir Mats

We have the most varying collection of coir mats online in Dubai – each made to satisfy your aesthetic and functional preference. From classically elegant to contemporary to personalized mats, we have the right coir floor mats for you at cheap prices.

  • Coir Door Mats: We have the best coir door mats known for being highly resilient & ideal for entryways – providing dirt trapping for functional aesthetics.
  • Coconut Coir Mats: These mats are made from natural coconut husk fibers to offer high durability – perfect for both indoor & outdoor settings.
  • Coir Play Mats: Get our coir kids’ play mats in Dubai, built for the comfort & safety of your children – suitable for any kids’ play area.
  • Corridor Coir Mats: Buy our corridor coir mats made from sturdy stands of natural coir to provide resilience, & an anti-slip surface for high foot traffic areas.

Benefit From Our Easy Installation Service For Coir Mats

If you are worried about having an affordable yet professional coir mat installation service in Dubai, we are your answer. We offer a seamless installation process for your matting for elevated interior decor. We have on board a team of expert floor fixers, handling each floor type with attention to detail to offer a secure fitting.

Our professionals start with meticulous floor preparation starting with precise floor measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Accurate mat cuttings are made to minimize wastage of materials. by utilizing the latest floor covering techniques, we use quality adhesives for permanent fitting or grippers for temporary installations.

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Why Choose Us To Buy Coir Floor Mats?

We have a proven track record of 15+ years of excellence in delivering the best mats. With 100% quality materials used, we provide coir mats in Dubai for functional aesthetics, diverse styles, and superior durability. To ensure 100% of customer satisfaction, we make use of fast deliveries & expert installation processes. Our wide range of pre-made coir mat collections makes us a go-to choice for customers in the UAE.

You get personalized matting solutions for both residential and commercial needs & preferences. Each coir mat is not only here to enhance the aesthetics of your living space but also add to its resale value.


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Yes, our coir mats are also suitable for use in outdoor settings. With quality natural coconut coir mats, you get all-weather resistance and effective color-fading resistance for long-term use. Plus, their quality build makes them withstand heavy foot traffic.

Our coir mats require minimal maintenance for long-lasting use. Regular vacuuming is advised. In case of stains, perform spot cleaning with lukewarm water and mild-range soap.

Our coir mats are made to trap dirt and moisture in them because of their unique construction. The coarse fibers of these mats are like small brushes –scraping away any dirt and debris from foot traffic. These coarse fibers then trap the dirt & moisture within them – preventing them from reaching the floor underneath.

In order to ensure a non-slip walking surface with enough traction for our coir mats, we add non-slip backing during floor preparation. Usually, we use the double-sided tape or the mat grips to secure the mats in place.

Our coir mats are made to last for a long time. While minimal shedding of the fibers might occur, a natural thing for such mats, you can still expect a life span of 6+ years.

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Reviews From Our Customers

Azeem Rais

My kids and pets like to play on newly installed core floor mats. They do not get started by sharp objects. It’s a big relief for me. 

Tarneem Sultan

I was looking for quality mats that are built with coir fibers. They are made very carefully as I could see the uniqueness of their floor covering!

Ramza Jamail

You can also buy these amazing mats from this store, I personally use their products and no donut these mats are just perfect as their other products.