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Buying carpets for living rooms needs extra attention because it is going to be the most common place to sit with your guests or family members. We provide the finest quality living room carpets in Dubai with modern designs to leave a lasting impression on your guests. You just have to buy our floor coverings to enhance the overall vibe of your living room without spending much Dirhams.

You will enjoy their soft surface, solid borders, durable backing, and stylish look of our carpets for many years. From manufacturing to crafting traditional or modern artwork, they are made with the highest quality standards in mind. We are the leading living room carpet supplier in the entire Dubai. We have a stock of the best carpets that can suit all the needs of our customers.

So, why are you waiting yet? Pick your phone and call us at +971502136026 to buy the most durable yet stylish carpets for your living room spaces at very fair rates. We deliver our products to the other cities of the UAE as well.

Our Living Room Carpets Collection 2024

Queensbay 150
189 Pluto
119 Stardust
Round Carpets Dubai
Silver 225
Round Carpets Dubai
Palermo 174
Round Carpets Dubai
Palermo 92
Round Carpets Dubai
194 Forest
Round Carpets Dubai
134 Dust
Round Carpets Dubai
122 Tofu
Round Carpets Dubai
Round Carpets Dubai
Round Carpets Dubai

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Living Room Carpets Dubai

We Offer Modern Living Room Carpets To Beautify Your Interiors

We know how important it is to place the contrasting living room carpet in Dubai to keep your interior looking gorgeous. At our shop in Al Quoz, we have the most extensive variety of carpet designs that fit very well with every living room interior. You are most welcome to visit our living room carpet shop in Dubai to find the most stylish variety of floor coverings at the best rates.

Our luxury carpets are made with the finest materials that give a very high-end feel to your living rooms. Choosing from such versatile carpets in Dubai, it can be hard to end up buying the ideal floor covering for your living room. To avoid this inconvenience, we offer our clients free consultation. You can get online consultations as well by calling us.

What Carpets Do We Have for Your Living Room?

Our living room carpet company in Dubai is known for providing the most versatile designs and types of carpets. We know what materials and design types are perfect for spaces like living rooms. Explore our latest carpet collection that is specifically designed for living room interiors. To make your place free from allergens, we provide sisal carpets for your living room. They are 100% eco-friendly and create a healthy environment.

If you want to cover the middle of the living room, then our round carpets with Turkish or Persian designs will be the best choice to add elegance to your place. And, if you want to place some floor coverings in the entrance or other areas, our artificial grass carpets would be the best choice for refreshing vibes.

Besides different sizes, you can get our living room carpets in Dubai in different shapes. It is a great approach to install different types of carpets in the living room to create a modern interior look. Feel free to get help from our professionals for the right placements of our versatile carpets.

Living Room Carpets Dubai

Latest Designs of Our Living Room Carpets for 2024

Looking for Custom-Made Living Room Carpets in Dubai?

Why not combine aesthetics with increased warmth and coziness? A concrete floor can be quite hard to the feet if you are walking barefoot. Putting our soft living room carpet in Dubai will add warmth and comfort to your floors.

At our company, we have experienced craftsmen who can design-unique design unique living room carpets according to your desires. You just have to give us the details of the desired carpet for the living room, and we will prepare the exact carpet with expert customization services.

Call us today to tell us your desired size, shape, design, material, or design of carpet so that we can deliver our customized living room carpets in Dubai within a short time. We do not delay our customization process and serve you with your dream carpet at very fair rates.

Living Room Carpets Dubai

You Need Our Professional Living Room Carpet Installation

For the installation of luxury carpets in your living room, people always prefer our team. From bedroom carpeting to living room carpet installation, we are known for providing seamless fitting. Besides placing carpets with proper alignment, we prefer padding to ensure extreme comfort.

Our professionals cut or fold the carpets on the spot, especially for the corners and curves when it comes to wall-to-wall carpets for living rooms. Hire our team for the living room carpet installation in Dubai to experience fast and flawless services. Book our team in advance to enjoy exclusive services.

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Living Room Carpets Dubai

Why Should You Choose Our Carpets for Living Rooms?

We have been the first priority of many residents of Dubai owing to various reasons. Our high-quality living room carpets in Dubai are available at amazingly low costs. Before we deliver, we provide recommendations without any cost.

With skilled personnel at your service, you can obtain a trustworthy and efficient carpet installation right at your doorstep for a very efficient cost. We work for the satisfaction of our clients. You may reach out to our team at any moment if you have any questions about our luxury carpets for the living room.


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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a particularly long-lasting carpeting in your living room, then you should preferably opt for the one made with a blend of 20% nylon and 80% wool, since such a structure can easily resist the compression caused by foot traffic and furniture. In addition to Nylon, you can also have the carpet featuring Polypropylene.

The reason for the strong smell occasionally experienced with new carpets is due to the synthetic latex binder, which does the job of holding the carpet padding and its fibers together. This odor can get faded in as long as 72 hours, however good ventilation will speed up the process.

Placing your anchor pieces or other secondary furniture on the carpet borders gives off a greatly uniform appearance. Even if not all the four legs of the furniture come within the carpeted space, try to accommodate the two in the front to create a harmonious look.

Ideally, your living room carpet should have up to 6 lbs per cubic density with a thickness ranging between ¼ inches and 7/16 inches. This kind of profile not only feels the most comfortable to use but also is capable of withstanding the usage intensity of a busy space like a living room.

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Reviews By Our Customers

Sumbal Zahra

They sent their team of 4 members to my place to show the best living room carpet sampes=les. After that, they provided the exact carpet within a few days and installed it perfectly. It is so easy to deal with this company.

Maurice Baldwin

If you also want to upgrade the look of the living room like me, I would recommend getting blue carpets for the living room from this company. They deliver the carpets with the right packaging, which keeps them smooth when you open them.

Oliver Tucker

I have been using their carpets for the past four years and bought new carpets for my living room yesterday. They were the best at that time, and they are the best at the present day. I am a fan of the carpet designs. Amazing!