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Our wall to wall carpets in Dubai are the best solution to cover your floor to enhance its beauty and comfort at the same time. We have all types of carpets that are made with the finest quality fibers and expert craftsmanship. You will get the luxury under your feet by installing our soft carpets on the entire floor. From quality materials to extensive collection, we have many choices for our customers. You can come to our showroom in Al Quoz to choose the best carpet for your room or office area.

Every carpet we sell is guaranteed to last longer than your expectations. The reason behind this is that we use top-quality materials, dyes, backing, and padding. These things help our carpets to last longer under every circumstance. You are always welcome to visit our wall-to-wall carpet shop in Dubai to choose the right design and color. We will help you find contrasting carpet designs and textures to enhance the interior decor of your personal living space or workspace.

Our Wall to Wall Carpets Collection 2024

Stone 74
Saphire Blue
Pastel Pink 13
Navy Blue
Moles Paw
Deep Black

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Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai

05 Benefits of Installing Our Wall-to-Wall Carpets in Dubai

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: We stock the most stylish carpet designs when it comes to wall-to-wall carpeting projects.
  2. Noise Reduction: Whether it’s a living room or office hall, you will enjoy the peace at your place. Our carpets reduce the sound reflection in that area.
  3. Durability: We provide wall to wall carpets in Dubai that are crafted with the finest quality materials to ensure a longer lifespan.
  4. Comfort Underfoot: If comfort is your priority, then install our carpets in Dubai for your entire floor area. We provide carpets that are made to provide a soft touch to your feet.
  5. Versatility in Design: Another great benefit of installing our wall-to-wall floor carpets is that you can choose the designs from hundreds of options.

Top-Quality Wall-To-Wall Carpets with Maximum Customization

Getting the best carpets and customization services under one roof is not easy for Dubai residents. To serve our customers with the most durable carpets with custom design options, we are here to offer the best wall-to-wall carpeting services in Dubai. By customizing your carpet design, you can personalize your living space according to your choice.

With the aid of sample carpets, our skilled team accurately measures the entire size of the room and recommends what is ideal for the floor. They do an excellent job and can simply place wall-to-wall floor coverings in any area.

From sizing and design to pile height and texture options, you can customize wall to wall carpets in Dubai with the help of our craftsmen. You don’t have to get worried about the right design, texture, size, or pile height for your floors. You just have to tell us your design preferences and area needs, and we will design the custom carpet for you.

Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai

Our Wall-To-Wall Carpet Collection

Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai

Call Us for Seamless Wall-To-Wall Carpet Installation in Dubai

The installation of wall-to-wall floor coverings is not as easy as placing a welcome mat on your doorstep. It requires expertise, tools, and professional skills to ensure the seamless appearance of your carpeted floors. Our team of professionals has spent many years installing carpets of different types.

They can install carpets from one wall to another wall without leaving any gaps with corners or curves. To keep our customers happy with our services even after years, we follow high-quality standards during wall-to-wall carpet installation in Dubai. Call us to get the perfect carpeting in your room with us.

We Offer Wall to Wall Carpeting Solution For Every Space

Wall-to-wall carpets are getting increasingly popular because of their amazing features and benefits. At our store, we provide the carpets for every type of space. The design and material choices are categorized according to the nature and needs of the area.

Residential Places: We provide luxury wall to wall carpets in Dubai for villas, apartments, and every home-like space. You can choose elegant and beautiful carpets with traditional artwork. The pattern, color, and texture can be customized according to your needs. Get ready to achieve an adorable interior look by installing our gorgeous carpets.

Commercial Spaces: It is becoming a trend to install wall-to-wall floor covering in offices and many other commercial places. The main reason behind this is their sound reduction feature. Our carpets absorb the noise, which creates a peaceful environment in busy spaces. Moreover, you can buy customized carpets for offices with your company logo.

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Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai

Why Choose Us for Wall-to-Wall Carpets In Dubai?

Carpenter Centre has been the priority of many residents of Dubai because of various reasons. Our high-quality wall to wall carpets in Dubai are available at amazingly low costs. Before we deliver, we provide free consultation to our customers. Our professional staff members can provide you with free suggestions on the ideal design, pattern, and texture for your room carpets.

With our skilled team at your service, you can get a trustworthy and efficient carpet installation right at your doorstep for a very efficient cost. We work for the satisfaction of our clients, that’s why we keep the pricing of our products and services as reasonable as possible. You may reach out to our team at any moment if you want to ask anything.


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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Wall to wall carpeting is certainly a way better option as compared to carpet tiles and this is primarily due to the fact that this helps you create a custom design with ease. Moreover, wall to wall carpets offer a better seamless finish, feel more comfortable underfoot and are also more satisfying and practical.

The best way to maintain your wall to wall carpets is to vacuum them at least once a week and to consider professional cleaning services for them at least once a year. This will ensure the right kind of upkeep for the carpets, along with better durability and won’t void their warranties, as well.

Wall to wall carpeting is actually a great idea for the living room spaces, given the extent of comfort provision, performance and durability. They make the living rooms a lot more usable and also provide well for the higher levels of utilization, foot fall, impact and other factors.

You’ll need a tea towel and iron for this purpose. Turn on the steam setting of the iron and slightly dampen your tea towel. Follow up by placing the damp towel atop the affected area and putting iron over it. Steam it for nearly 2 to 3 times and be careful to avoid over-steaming. Finish off by lightly brushing the treated area with either a vacuum cleaner or simply your hands and you should get rid of the impact damage.

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Reviews By Our Customers

Ashish Khanna

I would say this company provides very affordable wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai. I have visited different stores and analyzed their carpets, but the carpets from their store were so nice and affordable. Booking their installation services was also very easy for me. Amazing customer service.

Leona Palmer

The idea of covering the entire floor of my office cabin was suggested by one of their team members. I requested them to design the carpets in blue and white color to contrast with my room furnishings. The final result was amazing, and I would highly recommend these services to everyone.

Maham Noor

My bedroom was looking outdated because of the old flooring. This company suggested going with their cost-effective approach. Their wall-to-wall carpeting service was amazing. It feels so different to enter my room. I am so satisfied with the pattern and quality of their carpets.