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Get Wallpaper Installation In Dubai To Upgrade Your Walls

Wallpapers are a cost-effective solution to the traditional painting of the walls. With our variety of modern wallpapers to select from, you can adorn your walls in the best way possible. The main thing that makes a real difference in wall decor is the Wallpaper Installation Dubai service. Lucky for you, we are one of the best service providers in UAE.

At the Carpenter Centre, we have the best experts. From minor to major wall fixes, they do meticulous preparation for wallpaper installation service in Dubai. We are known for providing installation for every type of wallpaper; be it home or office wallpapers.

wallpaper Installation Dubai


wallpaper Installation Dubai

A Perfect Wallpaper Installation Dubai With Maximum Benefits

Our wallpaper fixing service is not only of a professional level it actually gives off numerous advantages – all of that at a cheap price.

Durability: Our wallpaper installers ensure a seamless fit for the wallpapers to prevent any air bubbles. This prevents moisture and mold build-up in the walls.

Fixing the Wall: We take care of minor wall imperfections during wallpaper installation Dubai service to create an impeccable finish.

Soundproofing: During the process, at your request, we fix the wallpapers with a soundproofing underlay that prevents sound leakage.

Increased Aesthetics: With a quality wallpaper finish, it adds the aesthetic appeal of your house. Our wall fitters are aware of the interior decor.

Adds Property Value: A quality wall decor with a professional wallpaper installation in Dubai is increasingly helpful in adding value of your property.

Choose Your Preferred Method Of Wallpaper Installation

Nowadays, there is more than just one method to install wallpapers. We offer several methods and discuss each one with you before narrowing down to the perfect one.

Steam Installation: You get a quality seamless wallpaper fixing in Dubai as the steam is passed down on the glued side of the wallpaper as the roller rolls over it.

Pasting the Walls or the Paper: We have the dual pasting method with strong non-harmful adhesives applied either on walls or wallpapers to ensure a fast wallpaper fitting.

Double Cut Strips: Our team cuts down the paper into small strips and each strip is adjacent to the previous strip. Excess paper is cut with a sharp blade for a seamless look.

wallpaper Installation Dubai

Our Top Wallpaper Installation Projects For 2024

wallpaper Installation Dubai

How Do We Ensure a Lasting Wallpaper Installation In Dubai?

When you book us for Wallpaper Installation Dubai serivce you are opting for a service that has no errors. Our professional team comes over to your house and starts by preparing the wall surface that needs the wallpaper interior fitting. All the indents and bumps are removed and filled in with proper materials.

Once the base wall is ready, a precise wall measurement is done to better utilize the wallpaper. The wallpaper is then cut into pieces for each wall. We apply hazard-free adhesives to prevent irritations. Wallpapers are applied to the walls with a seam roller. For the final finish, a sharp blade is used to cut off the extra paper.

We Provide Free Consultation Before Wallpaper Installation

As a top wallpaper fixing service provider in the UAE, we offer the top-notch consultation service as well. Get your Free consultation on call or book a free site visit to have your wall measured.

Our services are already under the budget line of many wallpaper installation Dubai projects but we have good news. We are offering a limited-time discount of up to 10% on our premium wallpaper interior fitting.

wallpaper Installation Dubai

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Why You Should Choose Us For Wallpaper Installation in Dubai?

With 10+ years of presence in the wallpaper service industry, we have built our rapport in the UAE as the top wallpaper-fixing company in Dubai. Our core focus is on:

24/7 Service

To better facilitate our customers, we offer customer support throughout the year. Call us to get the answer to your wallpaper installation queries.

Professional Staff

Each wallpaper installer at our company is a certified professional with practical knowledge of all wallpaper types.

Quality Wallpaper Fixing

We take care of every wallpaper fixing job with quality installation materials without the use of any harmful adhesive materials.


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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

The best way to do so is to make use of paint in a similar color as the wallpaper and cover all of the small gaps that are present in between wallpaper seams. While this quick fix only works for smaller gaps, it’s still a way better and feasible option than re-doing the entire wallpaper.

While this totally depends on the area that needs to be treated, wallpaper installation generally gets completed within a day or two. Most of this time is taken up by the prep work and afterward, the wallpapers can take a couple of days for complete drying.

Using a primer is absolutely essential during wallpaper installation and for good reason. In the first place, it works as a sealant or protector for the wall, preventing any damage. Apart from this, it saves the adhesive component from getting absorbed into the porous surfaces present in the wall.

Yes, a new wallpaper can be totally fitted atop an existing one, however, doing so will not generate outcomes as excellent as a wallpaper installation done on a bare wall. Besides, you need to take care of a number of aspects, the foremost ones of which are ensuring the secure fitting of your existing wallpaper and completely flat seams.

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