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Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Stylish Look Guaranteed With Our Sofa Upholstery Dubai  Service

We are one of the best companies to offer sofa upholstery services at best budget. Our sofa restorations start with full check of your sofas to checkmark all the needed replacements and things to repair. You will get a professional Sofa Upholstery Dubai, pleasing with the right amount of comfort. You get our best craftsmen on the job for an efficient service.

What makes us the best in the upholstery business is our customer-orientated approach. We offer you the best cost management for your sofa restoration in Dubai. Get our premium sofa upholstery fabrics, padding, and cushions at cheap labor costs. When you get an upholstery from a top-rate professional like us, you not only restore your sofa but also its original value.

Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Our Sofa Upholstery Collection 2024

Slub Satin -3
Silky Satin 43
Silky Satin 43
Silky Satin 01
Oceanic 30
Oceanic 02
Natural 25
Metalic Embroideries 65
Metalic Embroideries 10
Fancy Sheers 134
Fancy Sheers 47
Fancy Sheers 37
Best Seller – Plains 18

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Sofa Upholstery Dubai


Sofa Upholstery Dubai

We Do Custom Sofa Upholstery in Dubai At Cheap Prices

Sofa is an interior element that is vital for every home and commercial place. These sofas are the ones that actually bring out the first decor element of your sitting space. We understand this basic interior decor need and thus offer custom sofa upholstery in Dubai. Whether it is a sectional sofa, sleeper, or any type; we do a customized reupholstery.

For our custom upholstery solutions, we offer our customers to choose from a wide range of fabric colors, textures, designs, and patterns. With 1000+ options to choose from, you can order a unique combination for a custom upholstery of sofas at affordable prices in Dubai. If you didn’t like the design from our collection. Just pitch us your design idea and we will do the customized sofa upholstery for you.

Get Waterproof
Upholstery for Outdoor Sofas

We are among the very few sofa restoration service providers in Dubai that offer quality waterproof upholstery for outdoor furniture. With our unique upholstery fabrics, your sofa will be protected from moisture damage including rainwater, and other liquid spills. Choose our waterproof fabrics and materials for your sofa upholstery in Dubai for an added layer of protection during rainy weather.  This allows your customized furniture to be comfortable and functional.

With waterproof fabrics used for restoration, it actually helps increase its longevity and saves you costs in the long run. With our best craftsmen at work, you get seamless fittings for all the sofa covers prior to the removal of the existing upholstery.

Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Our Recent Sofa Upholstery Projects In Dubai

Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Choose Our Diverse Sofa Upholstery Services in Dubai

If you wish to add depth to your interiors with the right sofa upholstery in Dubai, then you are at the right place. We ensure a perfect combination of comfort and style with our professional services.

Fabric Upholstery: With diverse patterns, colors, and textures to choose from, you get a sofa restoration suitable for every setting.

Leather Upholstery: For luxurious interiors, we make use of top-quality leather materials for the durability and luxury of your custom sofas in Dubai.

Custom Cushioning: We offer the best quality memory foam to add cushioning to your sofas. This ensures a comfortable sitting.

Frame selection: In our sofa upholstery treatment, we make use of the best quality natural wood and metal frames to provide longevity.

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Our Interior Sofa Upholstery

Sofa upholstery is a delicate task that we take care of meticulously. Each upholstery job is carried out perfectly to provide maximum benefits.

  • Easy Cleaning: All the sofas are made with upholstery fabrics that are easy to clean.
  • Temperature Control: With upholstery options like leather and line, enjoy a cool sitting.
  • Enhanced Look: Get quality Sofa Upholstery Dubai with vibrant fabric fittings.
  • Ergonomic Build: We restore sofas keeping comfort in mind with an ergonomic build.

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Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Why Choose Us To Restore Your Old Sofa?

With our sofa restoration service, we add great value to your old sofas. With strict adherence to the industry standards, each sofa reupholstery Dubai project is done meticulously.

Quick Service

Book us and we come and pick up your sofa for upholstery and deliver it back in just 3 days.

Diverse Designs

Choose from our 1000+ designs, 100+ colors, and sofa frames to get sofa restorations in Dubai.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Get a new look for your old sofa with our upholstery service at discounted prices of up to 10%.


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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Some of the most long-lasting fabric choices for sofa upholstery are Linen, Cotton, Polyester, Wool and Olefin. These fabric options are not just incredibly durable but also are highly resistant to stains, color-fading and general wear and tear.

Vinyl is one of the easiest to clean fabric choices meant for Sofa Upholstery, and it’s highly disinfectant, as well. This makes it a great recommendation for places that are utilized a lot, such as homes with children and pets and commercial spaces.

Leather is one of the finest sofa upholstery options to consider, as it offers both the beauty and the benefits of functionality. Besides, leather is the easiest to maintain and doesn’t get damaged very soon. Also, if you’re looking for furniture upholstery that is stain-resistant, then leather is just the best choice to go for.

Both natural and synthetic fabrics have their own distinctive plus points, so you can make a choice depending on your major requirements. Natural fabrics are more breathable and therefore can easily provide for all atmospheric conditions. They are more hypoallergenic as well, so if safety is your prime concern, then you should opt for natural fabrics for sofa upholstery.

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Rashad Ghanem

My outdoor cushions, after just 1 year of use, were completely worn out. I talked to the Carpenter Center and booked a custom cushion upholstery order. Their upholsterers came on time and securely stitched on the new upholstery with the plushest padding. Now, these cushions provide plush comfort when sitting.

Samara Ghazal

With my outdoor restaurant, my sofas tend to get a lot of wear and tear not to mention the water damage and liquid spills. I chose this company because of their waterproofing sofa upholstery. They always give me professional service.  

Furat Rauf

They have the most innovative sofa upholstery designs and color variations for fabrics. Their staff helped in selecting the right style for my sofa and gave me a quote that I just couldn’t refuse. I am now sitting comfortably on that very same sofa.