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Sisal Carpets Dubai

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Do you want to add a complimenting style and a cozy vibe to your interior? If yes, then try our sisal carpets. These floor coverings are well known for their durability and elegance. Installing them at your place will provide a more natural look and luxurious feel.  Our sisal carpets in Dubai are available in different patterns and designs that will complement your interior.

We have a wide variety of sisal floor coverings at our store at a very affordable price. Our exclusive collection of sisal floor carpets comes with different blends as well like wool and other synthetic materials. You will find a different appearance of our floor coverings because we believe in providing versatility. Moreover, we use premium quality material for the manufacturing of our floor covering to increase its durability.

Why are you still living with boring and dull-looking carpets at your place? Visit our store and explore the latest collection of Sisal Carpets Dubai at a very reasonable price. So be ready to cover your floor with the most elegant sisal floor covering.

Sisal Carpets in Dubai

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Sisal Carpet Dubai

Elevate Your Interior With Our Sisal Carpets In Dubai

Replacing your ordinary carpets with the elegant sisal floor covering is the best decision you can make for your home improvement. Due to their durability and exquisite design, they are the most suitable option for residential and commercial places. Install natural sisal carpets in Dubai with light colors in your home, especially in bedrooms, to make them more cozy and functional. To make your hallways more welcoming and add more underfoot comfort, use these floors with some vibrant colors.

The most suitable option for the high traffic areas, like offices or lobbies, is synthetic sisal floor carpet. The reason is they are more durable and can withstand heavy traffic for a longer duration. To improve the aesthetic of your office, you must select a design and pattern that exactly matches the office vibes. Call us now to get samples.

Exclusive Benefits of Installing Our Sisal Carpets Dubai

The innovative feature of our sisal floor covering makes them highly beneficial. Additionally, these carpets are becoming the most popular choice among people for their functionality. Our sisal carpets are designed under the supervision of experts. So they never compromise on the quality of our floor coverings. Let’s explore the benefits of these carpets.

Durability: The sisal carpets Dubai are made by using natural fibers. Ultimately, these fibers are very strong and resilient, even you can even use them as outdoor carpets. So, Sisal floor covering is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Eco-Friendly: Sisla is an organic material that will drive from the leaves of agave plants. So they are biodegradable. Moreover, they are renewable and require very minimal processing for disposal.

Unique Styles: To add a unique touch to any space, our carpets for bedrooms are available in various patterns, colors, and designs. They can easily complement any interior, whether modern or traditional.

Sisal Carpet Dubai

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Different Types of Sisal Carpet Are Available At Our Shop

There are different types of sisal floor covering available at our store. We are offering a 10% discount on purchasing these carpets online in Dubai. Let’s explore the different types of this carpet available at our store in Al Quoz, Dubai:

Sisal Stair Runner Carpet: This type of carpet provides extra slip resistance to minimize the chances of an accident. Moreover, it will beautify the stairs and enhance their comfort without spending a lot of dirhams.

Sisal Round Carpet: At our stores, a wide variety of sisal carpets Dubai in round shapes are available. These carpets will transform any generic place into a more fashionable and attractive space.

Customized Sisal Carpet: We provide these carpets with customizations to satisfy our clients. Use personalized sisal floor carpets with vibrant colors in your living room to provide a compelling look and comfortable floor underfoot.

Sisal Carpets Dubai
Sisal Carpet Dubai

Get Fast Installation Of Sisal Carpets In Dubai

We are not only sisal floor covering manufacturers or suppliers. Our team of skilled and experienced installers provides sisal carpet Dubai installation services. We follow a very streamlined and systematic process of installing these carpets. First of all, our representative will visit the place where you want to install the carpet. They will take free measurements and analyze the interior for wall to wall carpet installation. After that, we will provide you with a free consultation session and suggest the most suitable sisal carpet option to enhance your interior’s beauty. Get our professional, hassle-free installation of sisal carpet today!

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Sisal Carpets Dubai

Why Should You Choose Us for Sisal Carpets?

We are the leading sisal carpets company in Dubai. For us, consumer satisfaction is our success. We can also customize the sisal carpet according to your preferences if you don’t find any suitable option in our premade collection. Furthermore, you can install our hypoallergenic sisal floor coverings if you are allergic to dust and debris.

So, if you are searching for the best sisal carpets Dubai installation services, count us in. Our comprehensive customer care will take your order online, so you don’t need to visit a store. Additionally, they will answer all your queries promptly.


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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to deal with a spill or splash atop Sisal carpeting is to address it immediately and also perform a spot cleaning. Doing so will prevent carpet shrinkage and will also keep staining at bay, which is otherwise likely as the water can cause rising of the dirt particles which eventually leads to surface staining.

It’s generally not considered a very good idea to place your Sisal carpets outdoors since they can get damaged due to excessive or prolonged contact with moisture. However, if you can ensure reasonable upkeep for your sisal carpeting which also includes removing them from time to time, then you can have the exterior placement without any trouble.

Sisal being a natural fiber turns out to be extremely tough, therefore the carpeting isn’t likely to shed easily. Besides, tightly woven sisal rugs are the best option when it comes to resisting shedding, which also explains the fact why sisal is widely used to make ropes.

Sisal carpets are actually a very good choice for people with allergies, however, one needs to ensure getting a tightly woven sisal carpeting since that does not allow the penetration or accumulation of allergens on the surface. And the rest of the safety can be ensured by proper cleaning of the carpets.

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Wilbert Townsend

I am a fan of their staff. When I visited their showroom, they provided me with the best customization options for these carpets; I am so happy with the craftsmen who offered the best custom sisal carpets.

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The quality of their flooring products is amazing. I bought their circular-shaped sisal carpet for my study room area. It looks so elegant and adds warmth to my place. Amazing quality!

Katrina Lamb

If you are also looking for a reliable sisal carpet shop in Dubai, this is the best place to visit in Al Quoz. They provide the finest quality carpets made of sisal fiber at very affordable rates.