Customized Tables In Dubai Made From Quality Wood

Buy our exquisitely crafted customized tables in Dubai—each made from quality wood. We have everything from contemporary office tables to custom dining tables to personalized dressing tables.

Customized Tables Dubai

Get Customized Tables For Every Need at Low Cost

As a leading supplier of custom-made tables in Dubai, we provide only high-quality products from premium-grade wood. Get a customized table in Dubai at affordable prices without compromising on quality. From quality finishes to sleek edges, each piece is made to provide an aesthetic look that elevates your interior setting. 

Our wide gallery of new designs lets you find your perfect table at an affordable price. You can choose from our wide selection of designs and custom made furniture, such as solid wood and MDF wood, in diverse designs, patterns, and textures. Call us today to customize your table to fit your budget and design preferences. 

Customized Tables Dubai
Customized Tables Dubai

We Offer the Most Elegant Custom Tables in Dubai

We welcome you to check our collection of customized wooden tables online in Dubai. You will get many wooden materials to choose like solid wood, bamboo wood, and MDF. Get a perfect custom table from the center table to a bedside table for your spaces.

Our collection of custom made tables in Dubai consists of exceptional solutions, each with its aesthetic appeal. Choose from diverse design patterns or have a custom table made with precision. Feel free to get free quotes for customized tables in the UAE at affordable rates. We offer free delivery of custom tables within a day.

Our Recent Customized Tables Design in Dubai


Our Custom-Made Tables Offer Remarkable Features

We are a leading custom tables supplier in Dubai. Each one is made to offer functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are some amazing features you will see in our precisely customized tables. 

  • Using non-toxic & premium wood makes them last longer with less harmful impact on the surroundings.
  • With water-resistant coating and lamination, they offer all-weather resistance. 
  • Get customized coffee and console tables in an easy-to-assemble option making storage easier..
  • With our custom table’s efficient storage solutions, you can keep your things organized in the office or your living space. 
Customized Tables Dubai
Customized Tables Dubai

Hire Us to Build Any Type of Custom Table for You

Hire our team to build your affordable customized table in Dubai without compromising quality. We have a smooth construction process, utilizing only premium wood to offer both aesthetics and durability at low costs.

With expert carpenters at work utilizing advanced woodworking techniques and appropriate tools, your custom-made table will take shape in days, not weeks. From luxury dining tables to office tables, you can order all types of wooden tables with maximum customization from us. Here are some of the best-selling custom table types at the tables store. 

  • Dining tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Side tables
  • Study tables
  • Outdoor tables

Call Us Now to Buy Our High Quality Customized Tables in Dubai

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How Do We Customize Tables in Dubai with Precision?

Customizing tables with precision is an art perfected by skilled craftsmen. Our artisans pay attention to detail, ensuring that every edge of your table shows precise craftsmanship. We start with understanding your vision and discussing details like size, shape, and design. Whether a sleek dining table for family gatherings or a chic coffee table for your living room, we tailor every aspect to suit your needs.

Next, precision comes into play during the crafting process. We cut, shape, and assemble each component using high-quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers with precision tools and techniques. Every joint is carefully constructed, and every surface is flawlessly finished to achieve a refined look for your custom tables in Dubai. Connect with our team today to start your order. 

Customized Tables Dubai

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Why Choose Us For Custom Tables?

Regarding customized tables in Dubai, Carpenter Centre is the best choice of all brands. We aim to earn money while providing quality service to our customers. Simply give us a budget, and we will create a custom table for you anywhere in Dubai. We have a wide selection of wood materials and plenty of types for you to choose from.

From booking to delivery, we offer a transparent service for custom tables without hidden costs. Because of the transparency and professionalism in our table customization service, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Book your order for a customized table easily online or over the phone and get free delivery on time.


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We use different types of wood for our custom-made wooden tables in Dubai, but each has one thing in common: quality. Choose from MDF wood, bamboo, and solid wood options for the best solution.

Yes, we do provide a wide range of stains and finishes for our custom tables. From matte to gloss, choose the one that fits your budget and your aesthetic preferences.

Most of the time, bigger tables, such as dining tables or conference tables, come as a single large table without any disassembled pieces. Smaller, like bedside tables, coffee tables, or study tables, are available in pieces for easy disassembly and assembly.

We provide customized tables in Dubai made from quality wood, further treated with proper stains and coatings, making them all-weather resistant. Simply wipe them off with a dry cloth to remove any dirt. Once a year, get them professionally cleaned to maintain their pristine condition.

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Hear What Our Past Customers Have To Say About Us

Ramiza Aly

Carpenter Centre is truly the place to go if you are looking for a shop that sells affordable custom tables in Dubai. Each item they have speaks to quality, and rooms are delivered within a week. I got my first custom-made table for them and couldn’t be happier with it.

Alima Wahba

I am really impressed by this showroom’s wide collection of designs & patterns for diverse tables. From contemporary to traditional, they have something for every interior style. Their staff is friendly to help match the right table with your home decor.

Waqeea Parsa

I needed a study table for my home office but didn’t want those generic ones. I got in touch with their team, and they helped me choose the right wood material, the right design, and custom sizing for my table. Now, I am writing this review using the same table.