How to Clean Wood Furniture to Make It Look New Again

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The design of the furniture never goes old if it is cleaned properly and follows the recommended pattern of cleanliness. Usually, the furniture is bought for a long period. In every home, the furniture is made up of accented wood. As wood is a natural element and it brings a special kind of versatility and looks to your furniture.

There are some precautions for the usage of furniture. If these precautions follow properly it extends the lifespan of the furniture. Dust is always in the form of abrasive and it should be removed gently. The furniture should be clean with proper clothes otherwise it will create dust on it.

Usually, it is complicated to clean the furniture whereas a simple approach with some of the recommendations is highly appreciated. When we buy furniture there are always several precautions mentioned by vendors that “how to clean wood furniture”. Although when you buy furniture, always ask the vendor for tips for taking care of the furniture. The reason is that there are always different kinds of care furniture needed according to their finish, stain, and type of wood used in the furniture.

Routine Steps For How To Clean Wood Furniture

There are mainly two types of things involved in the cleaning of wooden furniture. First, how often the furniture should be cleaned? and the second is how to clean the furniture properly. If you know both of these things properly then it is very much obvious that you are taking a lot of care of your furniture. So in this regard, your furniture lifespan will be quite long.

Too much polish and wax are never recommended as it destroys your furniture and with time your furniture looks dull and dark. If your furniture is polished properly it does not mean that it should not clean properly. The fact is that either way you must polish your furniture. Sometimes deep cleaning is also very important for better results.

Mainly two main ways involved. One is the polite way which is the tea solution and if it does not work properly then go the other way which is mineral spirit and it is a little harder. There are multiple other ways too which are essential for cleaning the furniture.

Remove the Dust and Dirt Regularly

Remove the Dust and Dirt Regularly

There is a difference between dust and dirt. Small particles are known as dust whereas dirt is another thing. Although there are multiple types of furniture, everyone required some kind of precaution to remove dust. Preferably the microfiber cloth or feather duster or electrostatic duster all are recommended for cleaning the dust and dirt.

The reason for using the above thing is not to create any kind of scratches on the furniture. If you remove dust from the hard cloth it creates scratches which ultimately make your furniture not look good.

Gently Clean Away Spills

Gently Clean Away Spills

This is another way of cleaning the liquid spills which pour onto the furniture. The use of a paper towel can easily remove the blot away from liquid spills. It is very common for the liquid to pour on the furniture. But the recommendation is that it should be cleaned in the proper way.

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Immediately remove that liquid and make the furniture dry as soon as possible. Sometimes we neglect what sort of liquid to pour on the furniture and clean it with hard cloth which ultimately destroys the surface of the furniture.

Tricks to Remove Heavy Grains

Tricks to Remove Heavy Grains

There are different kinds of practices involved in the removal of heavy grains from furniture. These grains are very dangerous to destroy furniture and glossy wood tables. As these are the main reasons for scratches being made on the furniture.

For this, soft cloth is very useful. Make the sponge wet and then remove the grain gently. The other way is to mix the chemical cleaner solution in the bowl and then put a sponge into it and gently remove the dampness in the same direction. Cleaning your outdoor furniture is almost the same process.

Deep Clean Through Black Tea Solution

Deep Clean Through Black Tea Solution

This is an ancient technique and it is very useful. The tannic acid which is in the tea is a chemical that removes the wax on the furniture. The wax creates shine on the furniture but ultimately it destroys the furniture instead as its coat removes the deep care of the furniture.

The method to use is to put two bags in the hot water and cool them. Once it is cool, dip the cotton sponge, balls, or swab or you can use the soft cloth. After wet, it properly gently removes the wax on the furniture. After cleaning make it wet as this solution takes care of your furniture products.

Use of Mineral Spirits or Cleaning

Use of Mineral Spirits or Cleaning

It is formed from petroleum distillate which is used as thin oil-based paints. This is very effective to remove stains and wax on the surface of the furniture. The precaution is that when you use it always wear some gloves and protective gear and the space should be well-ventilated. if these precautions could not be adopted it would create the worst effect.

The use of mineral spirit is always very helpful to remove rust and protect the furniture for a longer period. After making the proper clean-up from the spirit then the requirement is to dry it with a soft cloth.


These were the simplest and easy steps for cleaning wood furniture. It is always very valuable that furniture should be cleaned properly. With time if the furniture could not properly handle then the furniture would get old, messy, and look dirty.

The very first impression is created by the furniture so if it is not properly polished or clean it gives a bad impression of your ambiance. So the important thing is to take a lot of care by adopting the above methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain the furniture?

There are multiple ways by which the furniture can be maintained. Using the proper cloth for cleaning the furniture is very important. Other ways are the use of furniture protective chemicals and salts help to clean the furniture and give it a long life too

What should be the first thing to clean the furniture?

The very first thing is to remove the dust particles or any kind of dirt on the furniture. Once this kind of dust has been removed from the furniture it will ultimately clean your furniture and make it new.

Is it important to regularly clean the furniture?

Yes, it is important to clean it regularly. Although the deep meaning must be done once a month. Deep cleaning can increase the lifespan of the furniture.

Is chemical cleaning harmful to furniture?

No, the chemicals are not harmful if you clean furniture with them. The thing is that if you clean them regularly with chemicals it will destroy your furniture. But if you follow all the precautions it will increase the lifespan of your furniture.

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