How to Paint Furniture Step-by-Step To Avoid Biggest Mistakes

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Paint can give a refreshing look to your furniture. There are multiple reasons why the furniture can be painted. You can use different kinds of tools for painting the furniture such as the use of brushes, rollers, and different kinds of spray guns.

If you have tactics to know how to paint then it can bring a refreshing look to your furniture. You can change your furniture look from time to time and as per the trend. Instead of looking for new furniture, go to coat your customized furniture.

Steps By Step Process For How To Paint Furniture

What Makes you Feel to Paint the Furniture

There are certain rules which are important to consider when you are thinking of painting your furniture. If you have outdated furniture which does not simply look good with your ambiance then you need to pick up the paintbrush and start changing it according to your likeness.

Usually, the mistake which has been observed in the way of painting the furniture. To give a splendid look to your furniture. You need to use paint. Different technical steps are involved when you paint your furniture. We have mentioned major steps for how to paint furniture avoiding big mistakes.

1)First Start by Sanding

First Start by Sanding

There are different kinds of primers and paints available on the market which shows that there is no importance of sanding.

The fact is that the outcome and the final look of the paint coming along with the sanding is quite tremendous and very much important in the present time. It gives a refreshing and new look to your furniture as well as the patient stays for a longer period.

Sanding the furniture surface can give a promising outlook. There are different kinds of sanders in the market but mostly those recommended are orbital sanders. It is the wrong concept that the sander uses to strip the surface instead it balances the surface which provides a beautiful texture before painting it.

2)Remove Residue from Your Furniture

Remove Residue from Your Furniture

After sanding your furniture the very next step is to residue any kind of dust or dirt on the furniture. Avoid using paper towels. The reason behind it is that the texture of the paper towel creates scratches on the furniture

The use of a lint-free cloth is comparatively very much effective. Cloth with any kind of design or pattern has the same look and side effects that paper towels have. So the best thing is to use a simple clock and tack the residue on the furniture.

3)Prime the Furniture

Prime the Furniture

Technicality starts from here. Primer is used to laminate the furniture. Multiple varieties of primers are available in the market. The recommended one is the use of Shellac – Base Primers. The primer is always very much necessary before painting the furniture.

The use of a foam roller and foam brush is quite effective. It helps to get into hard-to-reach areas. After that let dry the primer. When it is fully dry residue the sand or other dust away from the furniture with the help of a smooth cloth

4)Paint the Furniture

Paint the Furniture

Above all are the important instructions because applying the paint on the furniture. So after doing all these then paint the furniture. Every piece of furniture has its own need to paint them. So it usually takes the difference of eight to nine hours from one coat of paint to another coat of paint.

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Normally it is observed that after the first coat there are small kinds of dust particles placed on the surface of the furniture. This is the reason if we paint them again then these particles are visible on the furniture. So to avoid these mistakes, take a gap between one coat of paint to another.

5)Protect it

Protect it

This is the final step in painting. Although it is ignored in different places, it is one of the most important things because it gives a glassy look to your furniture. It is a coat of Polycrylic Protective Finish and it is usually a water-based protectant in gloss. It gives a vibrant and soft look to your furniture.

A little bit of technicality is also involved in it. Normally it should give 72 hours to dry before using it. The roller coat is better because it reaches every area of the furniture.


If you paint your future by following the steps then it is guaranteed that you will find your furniture with a new and beautiful look. It is very simple to directly paint the furniture but unfortunately, you will not get the desired result if you don’t follow the above steps.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the need to paint the furniture?

There are certain reasons why we need to paint the furniture. If you need to change the look of your room you need to paint it or if your furniture gets torn or destroyed then you need to paint it.

Can we directly paint the furniture?

It is one of the biggest mistakes when we are going to paint the furniture. Following the above steps while painting the furniture is very important. Usually, the reason for painting furniture is to provide a new look so following the above step are important by all means.

Does furniture need to be finished after paint?

This is a very important question. If you need your paint to stay for a longer period then there is a very important need to finish. It creates lamination on your furniture which increases the lifespan of your furniture.

Can we use it to paint the furniture regularly?

No, this is a very wrong approach. There is always a need to paint the furniture. Usually, furniture is painted to increase its lifespan of the furniture. If you regularly paint the furniture it will destroy it

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