How to Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

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Animals sometimes behave in weird ways. Like our humans, there are animals who are very much involved in different kinds of behaviors. Although cats are very cute, fluffy, and adorable, there are still many different kinds of acts that annoy human beings. It is in the behavior of the cats that they tear things and especially things that they like most they play with it most.

If you are facing the same problem in which the cat scratches your furniture then I hope you are reading the right article. It is not wrong to say that scratching and snubbing both are the favorite habits of cats. This is the psychology of the animals to treat the thing in such a way. Here Furniture Experts Presenting Some Unique Ways to Protect Your Furniture from Scratching.

Effective Ways How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

Why Cats are Involved in these kind of behaviors

The former vice president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultant had said in his interview that scratching is very much normal behavior in cats. They do it when they are attached to any kind of thing. As much the cat is in love with the stuff as high their scratching rate will be.

Usually, cats behave in the same way as humans too. If you see the pet as a cat in the home you find that they are very much actively involved in scratching their owners. As it is important to protect your Indoor and Outdoor wooden furniture because you can’t place the whole of your furniture just like that. So here are a few recommendations which really help in protecting your furniture from the scratch of the cats.

1)Cover your Furniture

Cover your Furniture

Probably it sound little weird but this is the best way if you are really looking to protect your furniture. Try to cover your furniture with the woolen stuff. The benefit of this woolen stuff is that if cats come on your furniture it could not create any kind of scratches.

When you have pets in your home then with time they get familiar with so many things. So if you have a cat as a pet in your home then try to stop it from jumping on furniture. The woolen clothes are really helpful in these matters.

2)Use the Cat Scratch Tape

This is a very important thing and it really helps from scratching leather furniture types. The nails of the cat are very sharp and if it goes to your furniture it will definitely tear it with its sharp nails. The tape is also very useful for the fabric, walls, carpets and different kinds of doors.

The tape works in an amazing way to make a cat irritate when it gets stuck with anything. This tape is sticky on both sides. If you put it on the furniture and when a cat walks on it, it gets stuck with it and cats hate to get stuck with any material.

Cat Scratch Tape

3)Use the Vinyl Guards

There are small vinyl Panels are available which can be placed on the furniture. Wherever you place them your cat won’t scratch them. These panels are available in different shapes and sizes.

The kitten claws won’t be able to penetrate these vinyl guards. These vinyl guards are not for cats only, in fact if you have different kinds of insects in your houses the vinyl guard helps to protect from them too.

4)Use of Socks, boots, or caps on nail

Socks, boots or caps on nail

It is quite funny but it really works. If you want to save your furniture from any kind of scratches. Then the best way is to wear socks and boots on your cat’s hands and legs. The most dangerous thing which is normally used by the cat is nails. So a nail cap is the best thing.

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4)Use Scratch Spray

Scratch Spray

There are different kinds of sprays also available which are very effective in removing the nail scratches on the furniture. It is discouraging because if these spray use frequently it will dull.

5)Don’t try to Declaw your Cat

Don't try to Declaw your Cat

It is a surgical procedure that is not recommended at all. Usually people prefer to declaw the bone of the cat. It has the worst effect on a cat as it gets irritated, it stops the growth of the cat and also creates anxiety in the cat.

6)Avoid Certain Material Furniture

Avoid Certain Material Furniture

If you have a proper pet like cat in your house the you should find some solution on how to stop kitten climbing curtains or scratching furniture. Also avoid buying such types of furniture material which are easily scratch-able. The furniture is made of different kinds of wood. So it is preferable to buy such a material which has a hard time scratching.

Usually the materials which are not durable will be a showpiece for the room or office but the durability is near to zero. So durability is one of the biggest things to get furniture.


Furniture is very expensive nowadays. In fact when you come to your home the very first impression is your furniture. So we have some special kind of feeling with it.

Protecting it from different kinds of cat scratches is very difficult. If you try the above methods it will positively protect your furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is declaw recommended for cats?

No, it is strictly prohibited and the reason is that it is very dangerous for the health of the cat. So avoid doing these things.

How to stop cats from not scratching the furniture?

There are different kinds of boots and socks available in the market. Try to put these socks and boots on the cats whenever they are in the room. Avoid putting these all the time as it affects the health of the cats

Are there different Categories of Furniture?

Yes, there are many different kinds of furniture. In fact, if you have small kids or animals at home then try to purchase non scratchable furniture.

Are sprays available in the market that avoid scratches on furniture?

There are many different kinds of sprays available in the market which can create an illumination on your furniture. Apart from that the other type of sprays can remove scratches too.

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