How to Cut Horse Stall Mats

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Horse stall carpets are thick and dense, making them hard to trim. They are often trimmed to meet cubicle specifications. With the right equipment, horse stall covers may be sheared. Carpenter Centre Dubai will explain the best methods and equipment for carving horse stall mats to suit your horse’s stall in this article. Cutting cubicle mats with patience and the appropriate technique is a fun DIY project. DIY incisions are just as effective and cheaper as professional ones. 

Handcutting for the Horse Stall Mats

The simplest method for trimming horse stall mats is also the most time-consuming for many individuals. 

  1. After determining where the cuts need to be made and drawing the corresponding lines, start making minor cuts in the rubber using a standard box cutter or a similar instrument.
  2. You should only cut a little deeper when employing this method. It will cause the blade to shatter, resulting in sharp metal fragments within the cutting area. 
  3. Make a fractional incision from left to right or from top to bottom as you move methodically along the line. 
  4. Then, repeat until the rubber has been completely cut through.
  5. If you place a substantial piece of plywood beneath the horse stall mat as you cut through it, the segments you create with the cutter will naturally begin to disperse apart as you broaden the incision.
  6. A carpet knife or other comparable tool can accomplish the same result.
  7. Some individuals using this technique to cut their horse stall coverings have lubricated the blade to keep it moving through the rubber. Some people reported consuming water. 
  8. Do not press down on the blade or cutter as you work; this will force the rubber to the blade’s sides instead of cutting it. 
  9. Even if multiple passes are necessary, light pressure will always yield the finest finish. If the blade is no longer cutting effectively, it must be replaced. 
  10. You are applying excessive force if you must pull firmly to remove the blade from the mat. Without rotating, gingerly remove the blade.

Employ a Hacksaw to Perform a Manual Cut

  1. If you lack the determination to make precise cuts along a lengthy horse stall mat, a hacksaw may be a better option. 
  2. Use a blade with a sharp edge that has never been used for another purpose for the best results. Neither should anything unyielding be placed underneath the mat. 
  3. You will need additional hands to support the cutting mat while you carve. After concluding the cut, the hacksaw’s blade must be replaced before cutting another mat. 
  4. In particular circumstances, a circular saw may be utilised.
  5. Using power tools to cut through a rubber equine stall mat is a hit-or-miss proposition. If your saw needs to be improved, you will encounter either a blade trapped in the mat, molten rubber at the cut site, or both. 
  6. You can complete the task with this powerful tool if you have a worm drive circular saw. A standard carbide blade is adequate for the task at hand. 
  7. Adjust the blade’s depth to be slightly shallower than you would for cutting wood. Then, as you cut through the mat, you must continuously pull the rubber matting apart to avoid binding the blade. This will prevent heat buildup and the unpleasant smell of heated rubber.
  8. It is difficult to make a precision cut when cutting a horse stall mat with a circular saw on stalls that are not precisely vertical. If you work around support posts or perform other reductions, manual cutting will likely still be required to complete the task. 

Here’s How to Use a Sawzall

If you want to avoid dealing with the hazards of a circular saw and want to spend only part of the afternoon trimming horse stall mats, a saw may be your best option. 

  1. Like the hacksaw, it requires a blade with fine teeth, and the blades must be replaced every two mats for optimal performance.
  2. When using a sawzall to make an incision, you will observe that uneven edges are produced. 
  3. You’ll need an error margin for your cut, which measures approximately 0.5 inches larger than usual. You must use a grinder with a cutting wheel to smooth out the typically formed ragged edges.
  4. A Sawzall can make the precise cuts required to properly shape a horse stall mat around various obstacles with sufficient practice.

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Horse Mat Quality Check?

It is essential to wear mittens and eyewear when pruning horse matting to protect your hands and eyes from debris. In addition, you can check the quality of the horse mat for the correct measurement of the dimensions of the area where the mat will be placed to ensure that it is correct. 


The material is key when assessing horse mat quality. Good horse mats are sturdy, non-slip, and cushioned.

Size and Thickness

Size and thickness also affect mat quality. A thicker mat with more surface area will cushion and protect the horse’s joints and hooves.


A decent horse mat should have a non-slip surface for safe and comfortable walking, running, and other motions.


Quality horse mats are durable. Horses’ weight and activity should not harm or wear them out.

simple to Clean

Good horse mats are simple to clean and maintain. It should repel water, stains, and odours.


  1. Price is a consideration but not a quality signal. Compare rates to ensure you get a decent deal on high-quality horse mats.
  2. High-quality horse mats should offer comfort, traction, durability, and simple maintenance. 
  3. Considering these aspects, you can choose a horse mat offering the finest support and protection.

Final Words

Remember to measure the space where the mat will go so it fits just right! Cutting horse mats can be tough, but with the right tools, safety measures, and accuracy, you can get a mat that fits perfectly and keeps your horse cosy and secure.

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