Common Types of Floor Mats and their Uses

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Mats can help keep your feet warm and dry, protect your floors from dirt and debris, and add style to any room. Mats can also help keep floors clean and dry, which prevents damage and makes them safer to walk on. Here Carpenter Centre Dubai is providing a detailed guide on Flooring Mats types and uses.

Mats may be made from various materials, are available in various shapes, are used in various sectors, and are often quite cost-effective. As they are used in every business, floor mats are the most efficient approach to preventing injuries. So, the Carpenter Centre will examine several types of floor mats, their functions, and their qualities.

What Benefits Do Mats Provide? It can be tough to keep the interior of a building clean, especially if it’s large. In these cases, hiring a cleaning service might be more expensive. Another solution is to use floor mats, which can help with cleanliness and prevent slips and falls.

Types of Different Floor Mats

Depending on the type of floor tiles, there are different types of floor mats to meet the needs of each office or home. Some of the kinds of mats are.

1)Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are made of rubber, typically used to protect flooring from dirt and damage. Rubber Floor mats are available in various sizes and thicknesses and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Rubber mats are typically made from recycled rubber, making them an environmentally friendly option.

2)Carpet Mats

One of the most common floor mats, carpet mats, is often found in homes and offices. Soft, fluffy material makes them simple to walk on, and they match every home decor because of their different colors and designs. Carpet mats are good for places with a lot of foot traffic because they collect dirt and other debris.

3)Made-to-Order Mats

Mats are made to order based on the buyer’s wants and needs. They can be made in any size, shape, or color, which means they can be used anywhere. They are also great for businesses that want to get their name out there and for people who want to add a special touch to their interior design.

4)Foam Rugs

Foam mats are popular for people who want a softer, more cushioned surface to walk on. They are often used in gyms and other exercise facilities, as well as in homes and businesses. 

5)Anti-Fatigue Mats

These are essential for all businesses. Any place where employees stand for a long time should have them. The mats will provide comfort and support to you. They can also improve blood circulation to your feet, preventing you from getting dizzy by increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your brain. These mats are good for offices, kitchens, hotels, hospitals, and other places where people stand for long periods.

6)Entrance Mats

These entrance mats are made to catch dirt and other things, so they don’t get tracked inside. Also, entrance mats come in many materials, like rubber, carpet, and foam, so choosing the right one for each door is easy. These mats are great if the floor in your entryway is marble. These mats are also called Welcome Door Mats.

7)Outdoor Mats

The materials used to make outdoor mats are made to stand up to the weather. You can choose between rubber, carpet, and foam based on what you like.

8)Link Design Mat

Rubber mats with links give you good traction on wet, greasy, or slippery surfaces. The rubber pieces on the surface of these mats are arranged in a way that makes the surface more slip-resistant.

On Which Places Can You Find the Floor Mats?

These are usually put near the entrances of malls and hotels where many people come and go. The mat must be long enough for people to walk at least a few steps to gather dirt as they enter the building.

The “scraper mat” at the front gate is also a kind of mat like this. Heavy-duty rubber scraper mats have raised, oil- and grease-resistant surfaces that make it less likely that you will slip on the floor.

Where To Find People

Because of how they are made, these mats are often put at doors because they can pick up dirt and debris from shoes without soaking up much water. Consider putting entry mats or wiper mats at the door so people can clean their shoes on rainy days.

Link design mats are often used in factories, kitchens, and garages where grease or water is used often. The rubber surface and grip make them good for these places. These mats direct water to the mat’s base, which keeps the top surface dry and makes it less likely that someone will slip and fall.

Oil Mats

Oil mats are rubber and have ribbed designs and patterns that give a tight grip. They are similar to mats with a link design. They often don’t have holes for draining water, but they can hold and absorb more viscous liquids like oil, grease, coolant, and water.

People often put finely patterned mats in garages and other places with heavy machinery to help them stay on their feet if there is an oil spill. Since they are easier to clean, they are also often used in restaurant kitchens. It is often sold in dark colors like black and gray so that any stains or spills can be hidden.

On Which Places These Mats Can Be Used

People use these mats at airports, retail stores, laboratories, and offices, among other places, because their main purpose is to keep people comfortable while they stand.

Even though these mats are used in businesses, they may seem expensive, but they save money in the long run and are easy to keep up with. Since entrance mats keep most dirt from getting into a building, they may reduce the need for a large cleaning staff.

How to Clean Mats?

Mats are essential in the workplace since they contribute to cleanliness by collecting dirt and debris from shoes. To maintain a clean and healthy workplace, mats can only contain so much dirt before they need to be cleaned. Rubber-coated mats are simple to clean with a broad brush and the appropriate soap.

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A Rubber Mat Can Be Cleaned Easily By Following These Directions

  1. Brushes and brooms may sweep dirt and dust off the carpet
  2. Mix warm water with detergent and apply it to the mat
  3. Scrub the mat well with a wide cleaning brush
  4. For the best results, clean between the mat’s fibers
  5. Rinse the mat with clean water

Final Words

Floor mats have several designs and materials. This blog post narrowed your mat choices for home, gym, and work. Please report any difficulties or queries. So, we anticipate your reply.

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