How to Arrange Furniture in a Long Living Room

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Any room in your house can be made or ruined by how the furniture is arranged, but this is nevertheless true when the room has an odd form. A lengthy living room might feel anything but it cannot be comfortable and pleasant if the furniture isn’t arranged properly.

You can simply create an engaging place that you enjoy being in by selecting the appropriate furniture pieces, designing the appropriate furniture layout, and positioning furniture.

The Certain Problems With Long Living Rooms

The Certain Problems With Long Living Rooms

Long living rooms can be one of the most difficult shapes to work with when it comes to a space you want to relax in, whether they are also narrow or not. Here are some of the primary problems that might arise from improper furniture arrangement:

  • When the room is tiny and narrow, a rectangular space can restrict a pathway or corridor. We often place furniture against longer walls with the idea that doing so will be good, although this seldom proves wrong in some cases.
  • In a big living room, it’s harder to have a point of focus. It’s possible that the room itself doesn’t lend to focus points, so you’ll need to use extra creativity in how you arrange your furniture and choose your overall design scheme to make the room feel balanced and unified.
  • Due to the way that everything is arranged, it can be challenging to feel comfortable. It may be easy to arrange all of your furniture towards the walls because of the length of the room to make extra room in the middle. Finding a balance between comfort is crucial as doing so can usually make rooms feel even more empty.
  • The design of a living space that is suitable for gathering is more challenging.
  • Making sure that every space seems welcoming and has significance is rather challenging. In a large space, one area usually goes unnoticed or is neglected, which might feel like a waste of space. This is where smart decorating and style come in.

How Should a Long Living Room Be Divided?

How Should a Long Living Room Be Divided

Your living room furnishings should be divided and arranged into two or three distinct zones or groups. As a consequence, there won’t be any empty spaces along the length of the room.

You can designate areas for reading, playing board games, and watching television. Alternatively, you may designate a tiny dining area or a tiny office area.

Set up Zones

The length of your living room will be emphasized if you gather all of your furniture together. Making a lengthy living room furniture put together and cohesive is the goal. Make separate furniture arrangements into distinct parts and treat your lengthy living room like an open-concept area.

How to Fit Furniture?

How to Fit Furniture

If your furniture is heavy and large, it may be tough to arrange it in a lengthy living room. Therefore, it pays to invest in the appropriate items that are smaller and more streamlined, such as apartment sofas that are toned down from standard-sized sofas.

A lengthy living room should not have too much furniture because it will look overcrowded and can block pathways. Purchase some stacking chairs similar to these and keep them in another room if you frequently have large family gatherings.

Always Focus on the Center Place of the Living Room

Another approach is to focus on the center of the area while leaving the ends open. Open does not mean empty. Put your furniture in the center of the room. To add interest to the ends of the room, place a bookcase at one end, a console table with paintings or a mirror above it, or a large artificial plant.

How to Place L-shaped Couch Set

How to Place L-shaped Couch Set

A large L-shaped sectional placed at one end of the living room makes excellent use of the length of the room while also providing plenty of seating.

Try to Include stairs As the Best Material.

Arrange your furniture together to make a corridor around it rather than arranging it so you can walk along the center of it. Because you don’t want anyone to pass in front of the TV when someone is watching it, this is particularly crucial in the area around the TV. This can be accomplished by placing a sofa next to a wall and two seats on either side of it.

After passing the chairs and the opposing wall, get off the walk. It is recommended that corridors be at least 3 meters wide to provide enough room to pass furniture. There is less need for floor space because the area above lower-height pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, chair, or table lamp, is open.

What is the Use of Curved or Round Furniture?

What is the Use of Curved or Round Furniture

Curved, round furniture can help break up a large living room’s long lines. As a board game table, include a tiny circular table and four seats. Instead of angular chairs, use circular tub chairs. Instead of a rectangular coffee table, use one that is circular or round.

What Should be the Shades of Paint?

To break up a large living room and make furniture placement simpler, paint the room a single light neutral color. The greatest color options are white, cream, light beige, and gray. Utilizing a light neutral paint color has the benefit of enabling you to switch up and blend your accent colors.

By choosing a strong or dark paint hue that will highlight the feeling of a dark tunnel, you don’t want to make matters even more difficult.

Place Rugs in Long Living Rooms­­­

To divide the spaces and provide texture and pattern, place an area rug in each location.

Benefits of Using the Sight Lines on Walls

Benefits of Using the Straight Lines on Walls

In design, sight lines are crucial, especially for lengthy living rooms. A sightline is an area that the eye can see from one end of the room to the other, as well as into any adjacent areas that may be present. The sightline shouldn’t appear overcrowded.

To accomplish this, use metallic finishes and bright colors that are repeated across the entire living space. Keep your lighting fixtures completely metallic in color. Repeat the color green in each area of the expansive living room if it serves as your accent color.


A lengthy living room need not be less comfortable than one that is more square in shape. Getting the layout right can allow you to utilize the area more than you had previously imagined.

By positioning your furniture in the places that best suit your unique needs, you can get the look of a balanced environment. Furthermore, you can take a piece of advice from our consultation team at Carpenter Centre.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the disadvantages of a long living room?

The long living room has no disadvantages. It’s on you to design the way that all of the places are occupied in the best way. The furnishing of the long living room can make it more beautiful than square rooms

What sort of curtains and rugs look good in the long living room?

The contrast in the rugs and curtains are the two main things that play a very significant role in making the look good.

Are straight lines recommended on the wall?

I strongly recommended the pattern of straight lines as it looks like a big place. But it should be remembered that it can be placed in a way that it won’t look so crowded.

What role do plants play in the long living room?

The plants provide the look and feel of a square-like appearance. This is the reason that in the long corridor the plants are placed on both sides so the room looks big.

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