How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With a TV and Fireplace

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You gather in your living room to unwind, spend time with your family, and greet guests and visitors. The majority of living rooms have a TV in it, however, some also have a fireplace, and some even combine the two. Knowing how to set up living room furniture in a space with a fireplace and a TV can help ensure that everything fits comfortably and that you have room to spare.

You can place your Tv and fireplace by considering the following points.

  • Select a safe place.
  • Don’t put the Tv on too high.
  • Make a reasonable gap between the TV and the fireplace.
  • Try to get guidance from experts.

Tips For How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With Tv and Fireplace

Some people get confused while managing their living room layouts and they are wondering how to arrange living room furniture with TV and fireplace for the aesthetic view to the visitors.

Our expert carpenters have shared some of their personal opinions to transform your space by slightly changing the furniture layout.

Place the TV Above the Fireplace

Place the TV Above the Fireplace

If you have a flat-screen TV, you can set it directly above the fireplace by installing it on a safe television stand. You’ll have more floor space as a result, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite shows while lounging on fire.

By using this straightforward technique, you may spare floor space and avoid figuring out how to put up the TV on a stand or entertainment stand. Furthermore, it makes room for other items like a cozy chair or other accessories.

Place your sofa across from the TV once it has been installed above the fireplace. If you have more space, add a couch or sofa to one side for extra seating. Ensure that your TV set’s wires should not affected by the fireplace’s heat.

With this simple solution, you can make the best use of your space without having to buy more pieces of furniture to make room for the TV and fireplace.

L-Shaped Sofa Design

L-Shaped Design

Consider placing everything in an L-shaped design, with the TV on one wall and the fireplace on the other, when planning how to arrange living room furniture with a fireplace and TV. This is a good option for living rooms that are either too short or don’t have enough wall space for a TV over the fireplace.

The L-shaped sofa should be placed in contrast to the TV or the fireplace once the TV is installed on a perpendicular wall. Place them across from each other if you have extra space to make two distinct seating spaces. Add a coffee table or a comfortable cushion to any vacant spaces in the space to provide comfortable space.

The important thing is to make sure the fireplace stays the center of attention, so hang a mirror or a piece of art above it. For comfort and relaxation, all of the furniture should be arranged in an extended pattern with the TV and fireplace facing each other.

A lengthy living room might feel like a hallway without the proper furniture placement. Start with smaller pieces like bookcases, open shelves, chaises, and accent tables, and distribute them thoughtfully throughout the space to avoid that appearance. They’ll contribute to giving the environment a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

TV and Fireplace Beside Each Other

TV and Fireplace Beside Each Other

Place your television on a stand next to the fireplace in rooms with a TV and a fireplace if your living room is narrow but has a huge wall. Typically, this is done in spaces where the fireplace mantel contains other elements, such as tile or stone, that reach the ceiling.

Place your sofa so that people may watch TV, relax in front of the fireplace, or do both at once. Add a huge decorative piece on the side opposite the TV set to provide visual balance, such as a tall mirror leaning against the wall or a tree in a big pot.

Large Living Spaces

Large Living Spaces

When it comes to placing furniture, the expansive areas of an open floor plan can be both a benefit and a curse. Such a big space to fill. Create a defined area in the living room around your fireplace, possibly with a rug as an accessory and furniture lines as a border.

Make sure to utilize the space in an open living room by moving furniture away from the walls and into the middle of the area or by setting up chairs around a unique.


In general, you want to make sure that your living room furniture is set up such that attention is drawn to the TV and fireplace. Make sure there is enough space around your furniture so that people can move about without running into it.

Give plenty of space between the fireplace and the real furnishings since if you’re too close to it, it might get too hot. This is a secure approach to avoid starting a fire by mistake. A good distance is two to three feet, but if your living room is larger than average, you can place it even further away.

Frequently Ask Question

Is it safe to place the TV and Fireplace both side by side?

It depends on the features of the room. It is applicable in small or big rooms but there are technicalities involved in it. The basic thing is that both of these things should be placed in a way that they cannot harm each other.

Is it possible to have both a TV and fireplace in small rooms?

Yes, it is very much possible but the only thing which should be considered is that it can be placed in a way that it won’t feel messy.

What should be the ideal size of the fireplace and TV in a room?

It depends on the size of the room. Apart from that the other thing which is also important is the room looks quite comfortable and has ample space.

Is it harmful to place the TV on the fireplace?

Indeed it is harmful in many cases. This is the reason that experts are required to first access your room and then suggest where to place both of them in a proper safe place.

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