Can you Paint Blinds – Complete Guide

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If you want to update your home’s look on a low budget, try painting your blinds. You can give your old, fading blinds a new look by painting them to match your decor with a little time and effort. But if you want the best results, you should know can you paint blinds, if yes , what are the different types of blinds and materials. Carpenter Experts in Dubai is presenting you guide on is it a good idea to paint blinds:

What Types of Blinds Are Paintable?

Not all blinds can be painted, so knowing which ones are appropriate for this endeavor is essential.

  1. First and foremost, you should avoid painting window blinds, as these materials do not hold paint well and may become damaged during the painting process.
  2. Painting the majority of blinds, whether they are made of wood or metal, is a simple process. Wooden blinds are popular for painting projects because they absorb paint without losing their natural texture. Keep in mind, however, that the thickness of the slats may influence how rapidly they incorporate paint.
  3. Metal or aluminum blinds can also be painted, but selecting a paint formulated specifically for use on metals is crucial to ensure durability. Before applying primer or paint, sand down any corrosion areas on your metal blinds.
  4. Vinyl or plastic coverings should not be painted because most pigments do not adhere well to the material. This could lead to bad effects and damage to your window treatments that can’t be fixed.

How to Get Blinds Ready for Painting

Before painting your blinds, it is essential to prepare them thoroughly. Here are some measures to take before painting your blinds:

Remove All Hardware

Remove all knobs and handles from the blinds before washing and painting. Use a clean cloth or sponge and a mild detergent solution to remove filth, grit, and residue from the slats of the blinds. Ensure that they are thoroughly dry before proceeding to the next phase


Fine-grit sandpaper should be used to smooth out the whole surface of each slat until it feels slightly rough. It will ensure the better results of your blinds painting plan.

Wipe Down With a Tack Cloth

Once all surfaces of the slats have been sanded, use a tack cloth to remove any remaining dust. Make sure your clothes are clean and don’t have any embroidery or buttons on them.

Cover Encircling Surfaces With Painter’s Tape

Before applying paint to secure adjacent walls and furniture. These additional measures to prepare your blinds for painting will result in a gorgeous finished product.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paint Blinds

Can you Paint Blinds and Complete Guide

Painting blinds is a fantastic method to update the appearance of your windows without purchasing new window treatments.

  1. First, ensure that the paint you choose is appropriate for your blinds’ material. For instance, if your blinds are vinyl or plastic, you must use aerosol paint designed specifically for these materials.
  2. Before painting, thoroughly clean and dry your blinds. Any dirt or dust that is still there will keep the paint from sticking properly.
  3. Removing each slat separately may be advantageous when painting vertical blinds, and placing it evenly on a surface such as a drop cloth or newspaper. This makes it simpler to saturate both surfaces of each slat with paint evenly.
  4. It’s possible to get streaks and uneven covering when you’re painting quickly. For superior results, apply two thin coatings rather than one heavy covering.
  5. Give the paint plenty of time to dry before putting up your freshly painted window blinds again!

Some Additional Tips to Paint Your Blinds

  1. Use a paint compatible with the material of your blinds, whether made of wood, metal, vinyl, or fabric.
  2. You can paint wooden-blinds with oil-based or acrylic latex paints.
  3. Oil-based paints are more durable and cover more than acrylic latex paints but dry slower.
  4. Acrylic latex paints, on the other hand, have fewer VOCs and are easier to clean with water and soap.
  5. Since metal rusts over time, the best way to paint metal doors is with an oil-based paint that stops corrosion. It’s also possible to use spray paint made especially for metals, which sticks better.
  6. For vinyl or plastic blinds, search for a paint formulated specifically for plastics, as conventional paint may not adhere well to these materials.
  7. Typically, these coatings are labeled “vinyl-safe” or “plastic-safe.”
  8. Consider using fabric pigment instead of conventional paint when painting Roman Blinds or roller shades made of fabric. Fabric pigment imparts vibrant colors without altering the fabric’s texture.
  9. Choosing the proper sort of paint will extend the life of your blinds and improve their aesthetic appeal!

Final Words:

Painting your blinds is an excellent way to update their appearance without replacing them entirely. You might be asking yourself if can you paint blinds with the proper tools, preparation, and paint. It is simple to convert old or outmoded blinds into something new and contemporary. With perseverance and careful attention to detail, you’ll have beautiful drapes in no time!

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